International Midwife Day

Saturday 5th May is international day of the midwife and we felt drawn to celebrate this day by honouring a very unique and special teacher on our team.

Rebecca Tieken is a midwife along with being a pregnancy and post natal yoga teacher and she believes whole-heartedly that pregnancy and birth can be a beautiful experience and truly unique to every woman. Her pregnancy and postnatal yoga classes are passionately focused on a healthy pregnancy, ensuring optimal foetal positioning for an easier labour and birth, and to enable a smooth postnatal recovery whilst strengthening the bond between mother and their new baby.

We asked her to share with us what inspired her to become a midwife and how this helps her pregnancy and post natal classes:

As a midwife I have been privileged to be a part of one of the most memorable times in a woman’s life. The sheer elation I see in the women’s faces when they meet their new baby for the first time is immense! It truly touches me single every time. The raw emotions of pure love, happiness, relief, and pride is so inspiring. I am in awe of the power that we, as women, hold within us.

Even before I did my prenatal yoga teacher training, I facilitated many home births and witnessed women instinctively getting into what could be classed as yoga postures. When a woman is in labour, her body craves movement to help the baby navigate his way through the mother’s pelvis. Being able to move fluidly requires strong and supple muscles which is what pregnancy yoga classes are designed to do (amongst other things).

Being a yoga teacher I can guide my students into movements that ease any common discomforts that they feel throughout their pregnancy but also I can guide them through specific movements and poses that are known to increase the diameter of the pelvis and to get baby in a good position.

I particularly enjoy seeing my regular students as their pregnancy progresses and a lot of them write to me to let me know that their baby has been born and that they look forward to starting mum and baby yoga with me.

Join Rebecca for pregnancy yoga every Sunday, 11:45-13:00 here at Yoga West.

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